NEW $795 Pioneer engine, see below for thumbnail pictures.  Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

We have a new version of the Pioneer Engine with pretty much any bore/stroke combination you want, that includes the 26, 27, 27.2, 29, 29.5, or the 30.5 cc.  The best version of the Pioneer is the 27.2 or the 30.5 because they have the full circle CY +2 mm crank that will not twist. The 26, 27, 29 or the 29.5 have either the stock stroke or the +1 mm stroke genuine Zenoah crank with a slotted rod, these cranks are easier to twist than the CY +2 mm crank, therefore the stock stroke or +1 mm stroke engines have 4 main bearings because the cranks are not as rigid. The CY +2 mm full circle crank engines have 2 main bearings, they do not need 4 bearings because the CY crank is so rigid.

This $795 engine is the same Pioneer that we have been building as far as performance goes but here is the deal, it is a engine with the China version of the WYK carb with the aluminum carb barrel that holds up so well OR with an optional WT1048 butterfly carb (see below), the 27.2 or the 30.5 have the CY +2 mm full circle crank with a slotted zenoah rod, it has ceramic bearings, a owner replaceable hard chrome sleeve and it also comes with a magneto flywheel, but it does NOT come with the pull starter, the red and gray coil, or a pipe.  Most people already have a Quickdraw Hot pipe & a EZ start & a red & gray coil, people usually have these from blown up zenoahs.  This engine is dyno tested here with our own coils and then we take them off when we are done testing.  It comes with all the hardware & stand offs to mount your red coil & pull starter.  The engine is $795 plus shipping.  It will have the full circle crank as long as you order an engine with a +2mm stroke.  If you order one with a stock stroke or a +1 mm stroke it has the standard zenoah pork chop crank in it, but all the rods are slotted on any of them.  If you want to put the old style starter on instead of the EZ start you need the Quickdraw extended billet pull starter hub to make it work, that costs $35 if somebody wants to put the old style starter on.  If you have an EZ start it just bolts right on.  The 36mm bore engines now come with our new high compression head button and because of that it now has more power throughout the range than the original 30.5 Pioneers.  This is a very fast engine at a very affordable price.

If you need the additional parts listed below, as long as they are purchased at the same time as the $795 engine, we can sell many of them at a discounted price. See below:

If you want a WT1048 carb in place of the barrel carb add $13
$45 red coil
$35 gray coil with spark plug boot
$ 30 EZ starter
$35 Quickdraw Billet starter pulley for using the old style Zenoah starter
$150 For a 90, 100 or 105 degree S ide pipe
$40 drop down header, add to the 90 degree side pipe if you want a drop down header, see this link for info on the drop down header
$190 for a WTC or Deep Vee pipe
$40 silence r
$15 stringer coil mount
$8 Red extension wire
$8 ground strap
$22 Accu-Tech Throttle linkage, highly recommended for the barrel carburetor to hook up the throttle linkage, very easy
$17 Round Collet
$5 Square Drive insert for the collet
$68 Motor mounts (most any Zenoah mounts will work that you may already have)

Add 4% to the total for the Paypal or credit card fee.   If  you send us a check or money order, then there is no 4 % fee. 
Email us for how to make out the check or money order.

Pictures of the Pioneer
Pictures of the Pioneer cylinder
Dynograph of the 26 and 29 Pioneers
Dynograph of the +1 mm stroker Pioneers, the 27 and 29.5
Dynograph of the 30.5 Pioneer